The TWO39 LABS mentors have helped the seven original startups in the program for the past 12 weeks. Each startup is assigned two dedicated mentors. From one-on-one meetings with their designated mentees, to helping the other startups with any questions that they may have had, our mentors are truly one of a kind.

All of our mentors come from extremely diverse backgrounds. Their insight, resources, and time have significantly impacted the startups in a positive way.

The TWO39 LABS mentors help to shape the program to what it is today.

Meet one of the TWO39 LABS mentors, Wendy Fowler.

Your background:

“I'm Wendy Fowler, past president and founder of two technology companies.

I'm currently working in the Mentor Program at TWO39 LABS to help other entrepreneurs be successful, and find their way and path and connect the dots for them.”

Why did you want to become a TWO39 LABS mentor?

“I think that I believed in mentoring all along. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Success is not real, unless you help somebody else become successful.’ And I truly believe that in business and in life in general. And so helping out here and being able to help out two of the mentees is so rewarding for me.”

How has your experience been so far?

“The experience has been fun.

The work that has been put into this program, and to the founders of their companies-They are just doing unbelievable, hardcore work digging deep. But it's a lot of fun. It's a great program.”

What value do you see in TWO39 LABS for Southwest Florida and beyond?

“I think that this is the initial mentoring group. And I think that it's just going to go on from here. The sky's the limit. The success that the mentors are having the success that the mentees are having, it just seems like such a quality program. The TWO39 LABS is really the pathway to success. And it's a foundation filled with purpose that is going to help an entrepreneur or an inventor of a company or product.”

What is unique about the TWO39 LABS program?

“I think one of the key things that I hope all the mentees going through this program takeaway is the fact that they don't get this anywhere else. This is such an in depth program by people that really truly care to see you succeed. They're people that are not just going to give you advice and say, okay, you're done with the program, move on. There are people that are going to follow up with you. The other thing I would hope that they take away from it is when they feel that they're successful, and their business is going well, that they jump into that program and become mentors, because they all have that ability and they've all seen how it worked for them.”

TWO39 LABS is an accelerator program that focuses on providing startup companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.

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