This week the team enjoyed the visit from Tom Finelli founder and CEO of Convesio. Tom shared his story through the multiple organizations he’s worked with has taken him from Southwest Florida to the Bay Area and back.

After we met with Tom we spent the afternoon taking a look at customer onboarding and scaling through growth to ensure the customers have the best possible experience and that I’m boarding is planned and not an afterthought for those first pilot customers.

On Thursday we reviewed how the group as utilizing decks in their sales process and gave feedback to one another about process as well as having Liz share some of the secrets of how she built her organic lead generation engine AND email automation on a tight budget over the last few years.

I’m excited to report that this week Stabilized Steps was featured on wink news featuring the success of their system for a local resident, my undercover agent landed a huge pilot in the region, Endevr rebranded from Fieldr landed a partnership with Broward county school district and Learn Robotics is prepping to deliver a 100+ unit order!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!