This week we spent most of our time on pitching, preparing for our big date on December 10th.

We had an internal practice where we were able to provide feedback to one another, this allowed some to try new and dynamic presentations and get the timing down.

On Thursday, we had another visit from our mentor Jim Van Riper where he dug into user and buyer personas marketing to those personas and how to really drive down to understand their behaviors and their trigger points. The group really enjoyed the interactive session.

In the afternoon we practiced our pitch in the format that we will run in front of a panel of mentors and once again as expected the team knocked it out of the park. You can really see the difference in the comfort level with the data that they’re sharing.

We look forward to sharing all our progress as we continue towards the cohort's "Demo Day" on December 10th, 2020.

The TWO39 LABS accelerator program has completed the sixth week of its 13-week program. Selected entrepreneurs/startups will continue to participate in workshops, work with industry experts, and mentors to accelerate their companies. The 13-week cohort is followed by the final pitch- where entrepreneurs will present their companies to investors. The winner of the pitch contest will be awarded $5,000 at the end of the program. Follow along as we continue to update the startups process! Learn more about the TWO39 LABS entrepreneur accelerator program here: The mission of TWO39 LABS is to provide startup companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.