During week 5 of the TWO39 LABS Accelerator Program, Kent Pickard from APT, formally Flight Docs, shared his experiences managing product and product development with large organizations and shared a high-level overview on how a non-technical founder can interact to get the best results out of their technical team.

Subject matter expert Jason Becker,CEO of Golf Life Navigators, joined the cohort for the "Founder Fireside Chat" and shared his experience building his business over the last five years in Southwest Florida. Becker shared some of his successes and mistakes along the way

During the second half of the week, Jim Van Riper shared his lessons learned and some best practices to developing marketing a product to the right individual.

Following the presentation, the cohort spent the afternoon working with each other to understand what exactly everyone’s current needs are and what introductions we can make for one another to help expand our networks get additional pilots and new customers.

We even have the opportunity to have a little visitor another member of the fayVen family Layla.

Next week, the accelerator program will focus on more content marketing and positioning companies for opportunities with grants and funds that are focused specifically on social entrepreneurship.