The TWO39 LABS mentors have helped the seven original startups in the program for the past 12 weeks. Each startup is assigned two dedicated mentors. From one-on-one meetings with their designated mentees, to helping the other startups with any questions that they may have had, our mentors are truly one of a kind.

All of our mentors come from extremely diverse backgrounds. Their insight, resources, and time have significantly impacted the startups in a positive way.

The TWO39 LABS mentors help to shape the program to what it is today.

Meet one of the TWO39 LABS mentors, Ashley Flucas.

Your background:

“My name is Ashley Flucas. I'm a capital markets lawyer by trade. I work in houses for the general counsel for a Florida quote Jupiter, Florida based real estate finance. I'm also an active angel investor and run an angel syndicate on the angels platform.”

Why did you want to become a TWO39 LABS mentor?

“And at this point, I don't remember precisely how we (TWO39 VENTURES) found one another, but we got to chatting and we were sharing some deals. And then two weeks later, they came back and said, Hey, um, you know, we're doing TWO39 LABS. And, you know, previously, we kind of talked about the dearth of a venture ecosystem in Florida, and, you know, what they were trying to do to change that. And they said, if we do this, would you potentially like to be a mentor? And I said of course, I'm definitely interested in helping to build out that infrastructure and ecosystem here in Florida. Only a matter of weeks, they reached back out, when things were really rolling. We chatted, and then I decided to do it. But the mission was, one obviously, I want to be a part of anything that's building in Florida, because there really is nothing here that to, that matched, the vision that TWO39 LABS had. Second, just my way of giving back and helping in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. And third, it's helpful to me as well, advising those companies, you know, keeps my, my, my tools sharp, and and how I'm thinking of things. Well and practice for, you know, future advising and startups.”

How has your experience been so far?

“It's been, it's been really cool. It's been a nice kind of organic flow. You know, I've worked directly with a company that I match with, but I have noticed that others in the cohort have not been gun shy at all. reaching out for advice, particularly since I have a legal background. So I've been hit up for quite a bit of pro bono work.

What value do you see TWO39 LABS for Southwest Florida?

“Oh, one, like I said, because there's not that ecosystem. I mean, they're from what I can tell anyway, but just from the feedback and seeing what's going on, in the slack channels, the education component seems to be a big deal, and really, really helpful. Because I don't think Florida entrepreneurs are struggling for lack of ideas, but there's that lack of kind of education, that lack of networks, and that lack of refinement. So arming those startups with those tools is helpful. And I think it's kind of, “if you build it, they will come” thing. If there are better companies that are coming out of the ecosystem, then Florida investors get engaged. And then as those companies mature, then maybe you know, the rest of country starts to look at things in the ecosystem. So what I think the best way to get started is, you know, kind of nurturing those companies homegrown and it seems like TWO39 LABS is doing that on a few fronts.”

TWO39 LABS is an accelerator program that focuses on providing startup companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to accelerate growth and build successful companies. In turn, these companies will bring and retain economic opportunity, innovation, technology, and investment to Southwest Florida.

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